Get Ready for RUTHLESS!

Are you ready to get to know Roman “Ruthless” Reeves on a very, very intimate level? I sure hope so because book 2 in my Playboys in Love series is about to release on January 30th! And if you thought SHAMELESS was hot, just wait until you read the scorching RUTHLESS.

People call me Ruthless for a reason.


Photo Credit: photographer Sara Eirew and model Nick Bennett as “Ruthless”

Whether I’m in the court room or in the bedroom, my reputation is well-earned. I’m either working hard, working out, or working my way into some woman’s panties. But none of them share my particular kink, and I walk away feeling unsatisfied.

Until I met her.

She’s a friend of a friend, which makes her off-limits in my book. But then temptation had me by the balls and I had her up against a wall. She literally fucked my world off its axis, but it can’t happen again.

My plan was avoidance, but that got blown to shit when my firm hired her as a new junior attorney. Now I’m her boss, and I’m supposed to act like I don’t want to bend her over my desk every five minutes.

But I’ve never held myself back with anything before, so consequences be damned. It’s time to take what I want and show her how damn good it feels…to be ruthless.


That blurb, as hot as it is, doesn’t even do this story justice. There’s so much naughty in this book, it’s impossible to sum it up in a few short paragraphs. But trust me, you want this book! This is by far my hottest book yet! The wicked Roman and headstrong Addison absolutely combust on the pages.

“What is it you’re afraid of, Addison? The fact that they might watch me fuck you, or the fact that you might like it if they do?”

Buy links are available now so make sure you pre-order it right away so Roman can magically appear on your eReader on January 30th!

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depositphotos_77762800_original-2And if for some crazy-horrible reason you still haven’t read the first book in the series, Shameless, now is your chance to snag it for ONLY 99 CENTS!!! But the sale only lasts until January 8th and then it goes back to $3.99 so hurry and grab it while it’s still under a buck.




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Talk to you soon, but until then, have a happy and safe new year holiday!

Ciao, bellas!

~ G