Desires of the Soul: Release Date Pushed Back (I’m so sorry!)

DesiresoftheSoul_mockup_blueeyesI regret to announce that the release date for book one of my paranormal romance series, Desires of the Soul, has been pushed back. I had originally planned on releasing it today, December 30th, but things have altered my writing schedule such that I’ve been unable to work on DotS to get it to the finished stage for release.

Technically, I know I could release it as it is right now and a lot of people would love it, and it’s possible it might even do okay with sales. But it’s far from being at the level I feel I’m known for, and what I know I’m capable of. Being that this is my first impression in the paranormal genre, it’s important that I get it right, but it’s also extremely important to me that I give my readers the absolute best story I can, because that’s what you deserve from me.

I should have made this announcement a few weeks ago when I realized the situation, but I’ve been so consumed with the priority shift in my projects (not to mention the fast approaching holiday season) that I completely forgot until I just saw a post promoting DotS as a new release. (O_o) Ruh-roh! (>_<)

i-m-sorry-meme-generator-i-am-so-sorry-6cb84eI’ll be posting a video (either today or tomorrow) here on the blog, as well as plastering it all over FB, Twitter, IG, etc. I’ll be making some New Year’s resolutions to my readers, talking about some great things to come in 2015, and hinting at some even greater things that I’m not at liberty to disclose as of yet. I’ll also be doing more groveling and apologizing for this release catastrophe that I’ve created with my paranormal series, because the depth of my regret and frustration demands it. Plus, I’ll try to explain exactly why this type of thing happens in this industry, and with me more than most.

Again, I’m sorry for letting you down. My readers mean everything to me, and it kills me when I disappoint you. You already have to wait so long between my releases, so this sort of thing only makes it a thousand times worse. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that you stay loyal to me despite my shortcomings as an author.

With literary love,

Gina Leigh ❤


6 thoughts on “Desires of the Soul: Release Date Pushed Back (I’m so sorry!)

  1. No groveling need. Do what needs to be done, finish the book the way it’ll make YOU happy, which in turn will make us, your readers happy, and all will be right in the world.
    Love you tons ♡♡♡

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  2. No apologies needed! We count on your books being the best, if we have to wait a little bit it’s worth it. You have a family after all and they deserve some attention! Happy New Year Gina, love you lots!💕

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