SWEET VICTORY: Cast Your Votes!

Hey, everyone! I need your opinions on something for book 4 of my Fighting for Love series, Sweet Victory.

This book is scheduled to release sometime in March (God willing) and is Xander’s story! If you don’t know who Xander is, then you haven’t read Fighting for Irish (book 3). If you rectify that, you’ll understand why readers are chomping at the bit for this fighter’s story. He’s not only wickedly funny, but you catch glimpses that make you think he might just be plain wicked in the best of ways!

Xander James is a Yorkshire, England native in the States trying to prove to himself and his disapproving father that he can be a successful MMA fighter. An injury took him out of the game just as his career had been taking off, but he worked his ass off to recover and then put himself through the brutal world of underground fighting to get where he is now. He’s only one win away from getting his shot in a UFC octagon again, and he can’t afford any distractions. But he hadn’t counted on meeting anyone like Sophie Caldwell, the sassy owner of the little cupcake bakery across from his apartment building and sexy as hell with her tattoos and classic pinup look. Now he’s finding excuses to go into her shop despite not being able to eat a single thing in the place just so he can spend time with her.

I need you help in naming Sophie’s cupcake bakery! I received so many awesome suggestions from the members of my Maxwell Mob and now I need help narrowing it down to the Top 3 favorites! I’m leaving this poll open until this Saturday, November 29th at 11:59 pm CST. Once I see what the results are, I may pull rank and choose my favorite that I think fits best, or, if it’s super close and I can’t bring myself to choose, I’ll throw up another poll and let YOU pick your absolute favorite!

I have it set up so that you can only cast your votes one time (unless you can beat the system by using different devices, I’m not sure, but it’s not that big of a deal), but you can share the poll or link people to this blog post as much as you want. So go ahead and PICK YOUR THREE (3) FAVORITE NAMES!


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