Paperbacks Now Available!

FIGHTING FOR IRISH, book three in my Fighting for Love series, and TEMPTING HER BEST FRIEND, the first book in the Entangled Publishing What Happens in Vegas series, are FINALLY AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK FORM!

You might notice that they’re almost twice as much in cost as the first two books in my FfL series. This is because my publisher and I have decided to no longer shelve my books in the “bricks and mortar” stores. Unfortunately, it’s a luxury we end up losing money on because of the decline in paperback sales.

But that doesn’t mean that for those of you who still crave that book in your hands, or those who like having a hard copy for signings or collection purposes can’t indulge in a paperback version of my books. It just meant that they’ll be made “to order” and available for purchase online (or whenever I do signing events). And instead of being formatted into the shorter, thicker books like my first two, these will be thinner and taller. This size is called “trade paperback” and most people prefer it, claiming the books are easier to hold and the text easier to read.

So, for those of you who have been pacing the floor in wait for my last two releases to be available in a more tangible form, you need not wait any longer! Thank you for being so understanding and patient (kind of, lol) while we made this transition. In the future, my books will hopefully be available for both formats immediately upon release. *fingers crossed*

With literary love,

Gina ❤


Fighting for Irish, Book Three

He’ll fight for her life. She’ll fight for his love.

Former MMA fighter Aiden “Irish” O’Brien hasn’t stepped into the ring since he accidentally took someone’s life in the heat of rage. When his friend calls in a favor that sends him south to check on family, Irish figures he’s got nothing to lose. His life is on the ropes. The least he can do is make sure the sexy redhead is safe.

Kat MacGregor has forty-eight hours to settle the twenty thousand dollar debt her deadbeat ex-boyfriend owes a crime boss. If she doesn’t, she’ll pay for it-with her life. Kat’s halfway out the door when a sexy new guy walks into the bar and insists he’s there to help.

Irish is forced to fight in the underground MMA circuit to win the money she needs. But he’s been lying to Kat. About who he is, about knowing her sister, about why he comes home bruised every night. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him, but breaking her trust will cost him the most important fight of his life: the one for her heart.


Tempting her Best Friend, What Happens in Vegas continuity series

What happens in Vegas, might not stay in Vegas…

Alyssa Miller is tired of waiting for her next-door neighbor to see her as more than just his best friend. Ready to let off some steam, she heads to Las Vegas for a romance book convention where, if she’s lucky, she’ll get down and dirty with one of the sexy cover models.

Dillon Alexander doesn’t do commitment-especially not where his best friend is concerned. She deserves a man who can give her the world, not damaged goods. But when he realizes Alyssa intends to have a one-night stand on her vacation, he hauls ass after her to make sure he’s the one to scratch her itch.

Neither of them expects their explosive chemistry to burn hotter than the lights on the strip, but with a little help from Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, a flamboyant matchmaker, and TSA, what happens in Vegas might not stay in Vegas…


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