That’s right, friends, your eyes doth not deceive you! 
(Why did I switch to Shakespearean?)
The amazing and taking-the-industry-by-storm publishing house,
Entangled Publishing, has contracted me for a 3-BOOK DEAL with my
paranormal romance trilogy, Prophesy of Souls! SQUEEEEE!!
Liz Pelletier, co-founder of and senior editor at Entangled Publishing is my new editor. (OMG, I have “an editor!”) She’s one of the best in the business and when I interrogated politely questioned several of her authors, they had nothing but glowing remarks of both Liz and her company. I’m so confident I found the right home for my books, as well as myself, with Entangled. 
And though writing is my passion, and now my livelihood, I cannot properly
articulate how incredibly blissed-out I am right now.
The first book in the trilogy, Desires of the Soul, will be part of their Entangled Select line, targeted for release in June 2013 in both digital format and MASS MARKET PAPERBACK!!! Sorry, I had to put that in all caps because I truly thought I’d never see my books on the shelf of a Barnes & Noble (my favorite store in all the world), and now I’ve been handed that dream in triplicate wrapped in a very pretty contract. 🙂
But wait! The Good News Train doesn’t stop there! Liz has asked me to write a contemporary romance for their Indulgence line to be released in digital format THIS SUMMER! I’m so excited about this. Yesterday I brainstormed with one of my BFFs and favorite authors, Ruthie Knox, and I think we came up with a premise that totally rocks! Incidentally, when I emailed the “back cover blurb” to Liz, she was freaking ecstatic and actually put “Gimme gimme gimme gimme!” in her response. LOL
I will keep all of you apprised of any news as it happens. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those of you who have been with me on this blog from the beginning. And also sincere thanks to those of you who have just found me and plan on sticking around to follow me on this fantastic journey. Until next time…
Ciao, bellas!


  1. This is just too cool! Congratulations–I'm really going to enjoy following your career, and when it's time to promote, let me know and I can help spread the word. (I've got a BIG mouth…)

    It took me twenty years to get my first NY contract, so believe me, I know exactly how you're feeling. “Euphoria” doesn't even come close, right? The best part is that this is a door to an entirely new life. It's a huge emotional step from writer to published author–I wish you all the best. Life as you know it will now change forever. Of course, you'll never have a free moment again, but there's a lot to be said for spending your days in your jammies writing about sexy men.

    Congratulations! So glad I met you via the Romance Man!


  2. The feeling is mutual, Kate! If nothing else, RM has brought us together and I'm thankful for that. 🙂

    It means a lot to me that you've taken the time to visit and comment on my little ol' blog. And even more that you've offered to pimp me out during promo time. LOL

    You're right–“euphoria” can't touch what I've been feeling the last two days. I plan to ride this high for a long time! Thanks again and I'll “see” you tomorrow on RM's site with the rest of the Braless Bawdies! 😉


  3. I'm so excited to be working with you, Gina! Both on the ah-mazing vampire series as well as one of the coolest category romance ideas I've read in a while. You're clearly made of awesome, and I'm so privileged to be working with you. I can't wait to hold your MASS MARKET PAPERBACKS, too! hehe

    Huge congrats!


  4. *copies and pastes Liz's comment into Word doc, takes to Kinkos, blows it up to poster size, frames & mounts on ceiling over bed* (perfectly normal, perfectly healthy)

    Thanks so much, Liz! I'm truly humbled by your excitement and am so stoked about writing for, and learning from, you. (I also look forward to the day you, Dawn and I finally meet up and get royally vah-schnickahed together and raise all sorts of hell!) LOL 😉


  5. Congratulations Gina. That is so awesome. I am so happy to see you were able to check out the other authors anf verify how great they are. And a contracted author, wow; a dream come true.

    Bravo. I'm so pleased for you.



  6. Goddammit! Will you pl;ease tell me when you write a blog so I can comment. You wrote week ago and I didn't even know it. Now I'm pissed so fuckin' congrats. And stop saying Ciao, Bellos. I don't know what that fuckin means.


  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you my favorite Floridian, Romance Man. LOL Sorry, Remy, I didn't realize you didn't know I posted the announcement. Since you were one of the first to know about my contract, I kinda just assumed you'd know I would blog about it. My bad. *blushes*


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