Occasional Update

**Update: I canceled my trial website. I’ll give you an updated link when I have a permanent one to give. Thank you!**

Hello to all of my blogging friends!!!  I can’t tell you how much I miss all of you.  I miss all of our interactions and camaraderie super-duper mucho much.  🙂

I don’t have much time to post much of anything except a quickie update, so here goes (if there are any of you out there that are still listening)….

I have a website!  I’m not sure if it’s a permanent thing yet since this is just a trial period, but I love how it looks for now.  The problem is that it’s through VistaPrint (yes, that annoying place that advertises the free business cards), which isn’t known for their webhosting.  I love the way the site looks (the template is pretty much perfect for me), but in order to get very fancy or do anything like email campaigns or anything extra…they charge you for every extra feature over the $10/month.  That’s freakin’ expensive!  I’ve tried very hard to research all of the web hosting companies out there and I’m very torn as to who to go with.  I need cheap, easy and design-flexible…so if anyone has any opinions or information for me, please share!  You can leave it in the comments or email me!

Anyway…here’s the website!  Visit and sign my guestbook!

As far as editing Desires of the Soul goes…it’s going awesome. My betas, the JBs, have helped me SO immensely!  Thanks a million girls!  I’m still working on it and I’m about half-way through, but the ending is going to take some work.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get my word count down, so I think it’ll still end up being somewhere around 133-134K words!  Yikes.  But I’m SO excited about the changes I’ve made already.  I know it sounds biased, or even egotistical, but I can’t help it…I LOVE THIS BOOK!  I can’t wait until the day comes where I can share it with all of you.

Well, I have to go.  I hope you’re all doing fabulous and please don’t hesitate to contact me via email.  I’ll always have time to correspond through email!

Ciao for now…


5 thoughts on “Occasional Update

  1. Welcome back!

    I love your website. I know nothing of such things, so I don't have any recommendations for alternatives.

    Sounds like your revisions are going well. I'd be interested to hear/see what Jamie's thoughts were. I can't wait to see the changes you've made.


  2. It's good to see you again. I'm glad you're doing so well with the book. It's exciting when you're in love isn't it.

    Your website is lovely. I need to find one for me too. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them.


  3. Hi, just found your blog. Love your website; it looks great! I use InMotion hosting for mine, but so far have done very little with it. Getting up to speed is on my to-do list, I swear!


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